Most of you have probably heard of HoloLens from Microsoft and many of you have seen promo video and the quadcopter.. So we have decided to come forward with 3D printed copy of exact same quadcopter. See for yourself and decide is it truly resembles the original one.

After seeing MS event, our designers became quite excited. The idea of holographic concept transferred into reality was tempting. They decided to recreate the quadcopter based on the video from the event:

Recently Microsoft released the HoloLens – holographic headset that fuse the real world with the digital realm. It is wireless, and does not need to pair with either a computer or a phone. The device combine real imagine with advanced digital 3D graphics.
Microsoft said that the HoloLens will be released inside of the Windows 10 “timeframe”. At the Windows 10 event, Microsoft presented HoloLens possibilities. The team created a quadcopter on stage and show 3D printed model of the digital project.

New product from Microsoft shows the possibilities holographic and 3D printing gives to users. One of these opportunities is creating 3D objects almost instantly – just imagine a thing and transfer it into the 3D printers software from HoloLens. These seems like quite promising concept for the 3D printing industry.


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